Before a Child Resistant Container is completely ready for a full ISO/EN/BS/US assessment, Burford Research offer our experience at any stage from concept to line production Child Resistant Container.

We have extensive experience of working with clients throughout their development programmes.

The experience of a multitude of design styles, coupled with the observed reactions of thousands of children throughout the last 50 years, gives us a vast store of knowledge from which to draw.

As added value, we frequently give clients a short initial evaluation of new concepts free of charge on receipt of a concept sample.

Should a more formal appraisal be required, we offer competitive half or full day rates to attend client premises to meet with their teams for more detailed discussions and evaluations of concept options.

We can further evaluate the concept and any weaknesses a Child Resistant Container may display by carrying out small scale pilot testing.

We are able to offer flexible pilot tests as follows, depending on the level of comfort the client is looking for prior to committing to a full test:

  • 14 or 20 child pilot tests
  • 20 or 40 adult pilot tests

These tests are in accordance with the relevant protocol. This approach can enable clients’ budgets to not be fully engaged until they have confidence in the final product.