For nearly 50 years, Burford Research have been at the forefront of Child Resistant Container testing and evaluation, ensuring that we have an unrivalled length of expertise in this field.

Every year, we test a wide variety of Child Resistant Containers, both recloseable and non-recloseable. Our dedicated team of behavioural researchers have exhaustive experience in testing Child Resistant Containers with both children and adults.

This expertise assists Burford Research in giving our clients invaluable advice based on hands-on experience.

Burford Research has maintained international accreditation through UKAS (UKAS No. 1371) ever since 1993 when accreditation to ISO Standards relevant to CR packaging first became available.

We offer Child Resistant Container testing to the following standards and regulations:

  • International Standard ISO 8317
  • International Standard ISO 28862
  • International Standard ISO 14375
  • US Regulation 16 CFR 1700.20

On average, Burford Research will complete a Child Resistant Container test from confirmed request and product delivery to report/certification in under 3 weeks.

Clients receive regular updates throughout the test process to ensure that they are kept up to date with progress and the performance of the test packaging.

At the conclusion of testing, clients receive a PDF copy of the report including technical data sheets and technical drawings as applicable. If the CRC is successful a PDF of its certification is issued. Hard copies are additionally available on request.